Add-on What addons will solve this mystery?


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Here's what I want to do, and can you tell me which addons will best fill this need?

1. Give points to members for doing things - posting new threads/or replying, counting invites who actually register (referral?), get points for having their posts promoted to homepage via extraportal. and be able to assign the amount of points for what they do, rather then everything count the same.

2. Pay members who get a certain amount of points.

3. Have contests in which points are recorded to show the winner publicly. Then be able to have other contests that begin at zero, for that contest, but not wipe out all their previous points to zero. People like to see their numbers up high, it's kind of a bragging right.

So what will I need to accomplish this?



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ok maybe this easier - each time a person gets a post promoted to the extra portal, they get $0.25 instead of points.

Or could I do something like this: for every 100 points you get on my site, you can cash that in for $5.00, but then I need a way to NOT clear their points, but also have the system know that they've already been paid. so if they get their first 100 points, it says in the system that they've been paid so that I don't pay them twice by accident.

I'd also like to have a contest where people invite friends, then get points for each confirmed or referred member.

or is there really just a better way to get people motivated to post??