What’s the best host?

Are there any good hosts for less tech smart people? I know some sights will do one click installation of Wordpress. Does Xen have anything like that?


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WP is free software, which is why it is available with some hosts.

As XF is paid software, no host will be able to offer it as a one click install.

However, installation is very simple and you can always post for assistance in the forum.


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As Brogan said, it's not going to be offered as a one-click install, but I can't think of a single host in existence (shared host) who wouldn't be able to either install XF for you or give you guidance and help you do it. Have you asked your host to help you?


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Stay away from any of the hosting under the EIG umbrella.

Others may have input, but for reliable hosting GoDaddy isn't bad in my experience.


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is Google hosting any good?
It's probably amazing, I know their cloud services are, but far too technical unless you're highly technical.

Also sorry what is EIG
EIG is a conglomerate that purchased up a lot of smaller hosts and branded and consumed them. Ruined a few good hosting companies back in the day by having abysmal support and services, but was great at advertising and squeezing out profits. Hit up google and you can read all about it. Terrible hosting though and being a customer of theirs will be wrought with headaches.

Digital ocean is good for small websites, but again, you need to be technical.

Best to stick with shared or VPS hosting from a decent provider and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.