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XF 1.4 Weird Guest IP issue with my Site


Well-known member
I recently blocked robotos from my site while we're in our "rebrand" mode and what not.

For the most part it has done it's job. Of course i've noticed a few ips that somehow got through (google proxy and Amazon something) but nothing major.

Today i visit my forum and there are like 30-40 guests online. Not 100 percent sure WHERE the increase came from as I haven't done anything and as much as i love my users, THEY haven't done anything(shocking if they had lol)

I noticed a common trend that all of the IPs seem to all come from an Ip address that start with 54 and a host name of .compute-1.amazonaws.com

I am wondering is this something I should be concerned about OR if it is just irrelevant and nothing to worry about. A quick google search really doesn't show me much except for OTHER xenforo forums.