Website Valid URL's Constantly Dropping


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Tracking Google Search Console "Valid URL's" statistic for the past 4+ Valid URL's keep dropping. With almost every Google crawl (sometimes every other crawl) URL's continue to drop little by little.

No major changes going on with the site. Continuing to produce good content as the site has for many years. In fact have been working really hard correcting lots of "4xx errors" hoping this would make the Google crawler more "Happy":)...but doesn't seem to have helped.

Generally speaking...what important things should I verify to make sure are in place? Maybe something critical to the site is missing...and this is making the Google crawler "unhappy"....and causing valid URL's to drop.

I know this is a rather general/generic question...just looking for ideas/suggestion I can check on (maybe something important is broken or missing).

Maybe suggestions like..."Does the site have this...or does the site have that?"...sort of stuff.

Please don't assume anything suggested is too simple or too basic (who knows...maybe some basic is messed up or missing. All thoughts greatly appreciated.