website that condones rape and abuse and shares CP that runs your service....

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idk what you can do to help. but this site is someone that runs your software. their site has been shut down 4 times. and they keep poping up. is there someway you can revoke their service they have with you does it break TOS?. they have been sharing CP aka illegal pictures. and openly condone rape and abuse. i would not want to be affiliated with these people. the website is <snipped> if you cant do anything i understand. but if you can. please do.


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We have received many reports of this site.

To clarify, we do not host sites and we have no involvement with third party sites, nor access to the servers they are hosted on.

We have no records of a license registered against that site so it is running an unlicensed copy of our software, without our permission.

You will need to report any concerns to the host and relevant authorities.

Only the host or authorities can remove a site.
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