Other Website Project with links into XF


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I recently quoted & got a deal for a Track Day website based on tight integration with XF. I'm finding myself more and more squeezed for time recently and if anyone is interested in quoting for the work, please PC me.

Note: It is ALOT of work, my own estimates put it at around 100 man days or so. We have a fully developed specification that I can show you, following a signed NDA.

In the mean time I'm happy to email you over a summary of what's involved.

Initially ask any Qs here and PC me to talk details. Fundamentally though its a Full blown TrackDay organiser's website with the XF forum linked into it.

Grr... I can't edit the thread title! I was going to change it before I posted and forgot. If a mod/broganbot can change it to 'Website Project with links into XF', I'd appreciate it.