XF 1.5 webdav not working

I seem to be having an issue with webdav.

I've got debug mode on for my ip, with the following in my .htaccess right after
RewriteEngine On.

Rich (BB code):
RewriteRule ^admindav.php - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization},NC,L]
When going to admindav.php, all I get is a login popup loop.

edit: correct typo on file names
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You have "RewriteEngine On" in your config.php?

Because those should be in your .htaccess file.

In any event, I think admindav.php still requires an authenticated session.


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I don't know much about the webdav stuff, but it appears that after I'm authenticated, I still get a permission denied error XML response:
<d:error xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s="http://www.rooftopsolutions.nl/NS/sabredav">
Requested uri (/admindav.php) is out of base uri (/forum/admindav.php/)
does this help? Kier suggests that using webdav (which has http authentication in it) with .htaccess authentication probably don't work together:
I do believe Kier's post was in-regards to the someone asking if they can use .htaccess to password the admindav.php file - in theory creating dual logins.

I'm just using the .htaccess for the rewrite as suggested by others in that tread