WebBBS conversion, anyone?

Wildcat Media

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Nearly 20 years ago, I upgraded a couple of forums out of WebBBS, a text-based forum system that was based on the old wwwboard CGI script. It did well for five years, but with spamming just starting to get noticed and a handful of trolls, we had to move to something with a login-based system.

I was able to convert a couple of smaller forums using a CGI script I found online, over to phpBB. The script worked for those, but the largest (which wasn't very large) I was never able to convert over, as the script kept pausing for some sort of error which I can't remember now.

The folks at vB had an importer from WebBBS to vB, but after looking into it, they support only the most recent version of it, which was written after the original developer had someone else take it over. I have an ancient vB4 license and can still access it if I need it.

Since I've had a few requests for those old posts, I've been thinking of trying to convert these old posts again. My thought is that if I could get the most recent WebBBS version, I could convert my old installation to that, and then import that into vB. Then, I'd bounce that over to XF so I could import it into our existing forum.

Only thing is, I can't find WebBBS anywhere, as development halted on it quite some time ago. I'll keep this thread updated if I ever find one to download and attempt another conversion. In the meantime, if anyone crosses it in their travels, let me know.