1. zoldos

    need help converting .htaccess to nginx directive but with *two* primary location entries

    So I'm trying to convert some Apache .htaccess rules to nginx. The first set of directives, shown below, works, so I don't need to use Apache Re-write (and thus, no .htaccess). The second code block is the NON-converted .htaccess code for my chat room which I'd like to convert, then combine in...
  2. Wildcat Media

    WebBBS conversion, anyone?

    Nearly 20 years ago, I upgraded a couple of forums out of WebBBS, a text-based forum system that was based on the old wwwboard CGI script. It did well for five years, but with spamming just starting to get noticed and a handful of trolls, we had to move to something with a login-based system...
  3. niktator

    MG 2.1 Custom upload settings for MG

    As far as I could find out the uploads into the media gallery have the same upload rules as the rest of the forum. I would like to have different settings for the gallery. In the normal forums I want to auto-resize image uploads to 1080p - but I`d allow my users to use the gallery for high res...

    Fixed phpBB3.2 convertor

    Is it possible to convert phpBB3.2 to Xenforo? I've found only a phpBB3.1 convertor.
  5. Robru

    XF 1.5 Convert URLs to Page Titles

    On my forum, the external links will be converted properly, but not the internal. How can it get ?
  6. BassMan

    XF 1.5 Convert URLs to Page Titles: remove forum name

    Hi, can't figure out how to remove the forum name after url is converted to page title?
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