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Web browsers of the 90's ....


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I can honestly say I'm not that old. :p
/Runs and hides before the cane-walkers catch up.

Seriously though, that is such an amazing/drastic change from then to now! o_O


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The first time I was in Internet was in the computer pool at my university in the mid 1990's. And I thought: how boring. But that changed quickly. :D

They had Netcape Navigator on Windows 3.11 machines.

Fred Sherman

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You guys are making me feel bad. My first "internet computer" ran Linux .01 beta, connected to the university's physics dept server and from there I could use tty based programs like archie, veronica and ftp. Browsers were still a few years away from being functional in 1991.


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I remember playing hangman and doing coordinate planning with systems using floppy disks when I was in middle school. My first internet experience though was when I bought my own computer in the mid 90's. It was a Dell and I believe it was a 350Mhz Intel. First internet provider was AOL and the oh so never forgotten chime "You've got Mail".