We are interested in a forum


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We are looking for a forum software we can purchase for use with the following characteristics.
1. Categories
A. Topics
B. Posts
c. Email Notification

2. Individual login and Profile
A. Photo Albums
B. Instant Messaging
C. Signature in post
D. E-mail notification
E. Avatar on post identity


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We need a forum that has individual albums.
Also skins and variations in your profile configuration.

We have no issue with 2B being an add on cost. We are looking for a software program to totally buy or license. We would like a total buy on the program with updates as long as the licensing is active.

We have the availability for server space so space regarding the albums is no issue. The IM portion we absolutely need. Also email notification on IM and Posts.

Thank you all!

Ernest L. Defoe

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You can enable that under style properties to show post count. If you switch to the Kitchen Sink theme (not sure about others here) you'll see that it shows how many messages a member has posted. This includes threads and replies.