XF 1.5 Warning


I want to know where can i see warning, for example today one moderator give warning to one user and if he didnt tell me this i will never know about it becose i do not see warning's anywhere like admin.
Where i can control who give warning and who recive warning like admin?
If i can see all this on forum can be anarchy, right??


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Warning actions are recorded in the Moderator log in the ACP.

You can see any warnings that a user has in the Warnings tab on their profile (if you have the correct permissions to view this). If you do and there isn't a tab then a user doesn't have any warnings.

Giving, viewing and deleting warnings are all in General Moderator Permissions, so you can easily control who can/cannot give warnings.

More details here: https://xenforo.com/help/warnings/

Warnings are a very useful tool in helping a forum to run smoothly and to discipline users when required. You need to ensure that you have a clear disciplinary policy on your site that both members and moderators understand and adhere too.