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XF 1.5 Want to Turn Wordpress Posts into Threads in My Forum


Active member
So I have a wordpress blog that has the same niche with one of my forum.

This wordpress blog http://www.obatpertanian.com already has 4k daily visitors from Google and I want to redirect all of the posts and turn them into this forum's threads: http://www.kebunpedia.com/forums/forum-pertanian-agribisnis/

And then I will redirect the obatpertanian.com to http://www.kebunpedia.com/forums/forum-pertanian-agribisnis/

I believe this will benefit my board kebunpedia.com a lot, since we will gain extra traffic from this redirection.

Would the scheme work?

And what do I do? What are the steps? Import the database how, and launch what code, and how to redirect obatpertanian.com to http://www.kebunpedia.com/forums/forum-pertanian-agribisnis/?

Could you elaborate in steps please? since I am newbie :(

The important thing is:
I want to add all the wordpress posts into my forum threads. Add, not overwrite or else because the destination forum has other contents already.

Thank you very much