XF 1.5 Want To Include Icons With User Ladder Titles

I would like to include small icons that depend on where on the user ladder the user is. As an example, I've enclosed a clip from a different forum that gives users stars based on how many posts they've made (circled in red).

(1) I suppose I could include the following after the text in a user title ladder title: <br><img src=.......> .

(2) Or if you know of a better way, please let me know.

My forum can be accessed at www.alemontree.eu . If it asks for a password, just click on the w where is says enter-the-password.



I was asked for some more information, so:

I've turned off Trophies and made the User title ladder dependent on number of posts only. Each rung has the title, and after 10 posts an image to display along with it. The images are yellow lemons on a transparency background. There are a maximum of five lemons, and there is room enough under the avatar for that many. The images, of course, are stored in the web space and the name after IMG= is the filespec of same.

The attach image shows my User trophy ladder with the result superimposed on it.



It seems all right.

I tell you what -- why don't you take the part after src= in MY UTL and put it into YOURS. If it works, then you should see one-and-a-half lemons below your avatar, and your problem is to the right of the equal sign. If you DON'T see any lemons, then the problem is to the left of the equal sign.

I myself don't use quotation marks and it works just fine.

And I doubt your URL is "mydomain.com". Why don't you post the actual contents? That might help.