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Wanna test and see if this works for you?

Digital Doctor

Well-known member

Cool stuff.
It goes through periods where I can't move the blocks.
Well .. maybe click and drag stops working ... but if I double click on the same item and drag it works.


Well-known member
what browser are you using.....

and are the effect's mentioned in the moving boxes taking place properly for you?

Also I was in the middle of editing the thing when you clicked...I am done with it for tonight now though and will leave it alone until we find a bunch of stuff I failed at.


Well-known member
can you screen record that...I'm having a hard time understanding how that would happen?

It might help if I can see it...


Well-known member
ahh yeah that...the reason that is possible is I have not locked it the areas it can be moved to (that is one of the things I am going to do as far as more complex goes)

Basically, there will be a dock of sorts (where they start now for example) and they will be able to be dragged anywhere but if it is dropped in a invalid area it will get it's position reverted to where you dragged it from.

Since only the "sidebar" will be valid in this case anywhere else it is dropped will make it go back to default position

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
I looked closer as to what was happening when I wasn't able to drag things.
On a different monitor ... I could see that the entire page was moving.

I think this Addon was the culprit.