[VNNET] Up Thread For XF2

[VNNET] Up Thread For XF2 [Paid] 1.2.2

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zoom360 submitted a new resource:

[VNNET] Up Thread For XF2 - Up top thread no spam

This add-on will help to reach your thread on top of the page. This addon would allow you to enable "Up" button for your classified nodes and allow users to use this button to up their threads instead of replying to those threads.

- Up top topics.
- Permission up for Owner threads or any.
- Option time "up" for Owner threads or any.
- Permission bypass time limit.
- Custom node does not apply...
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Joe Link

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It is better if it allows to set some groups up threads with a payment with a period of time.
Also, after thread become normal it should have an email to tell owners up their threads again...etc
It has been updated.
To clarify, I understood @webmastersun's request to mean being able to set different up times for different user groups.


Usergroup 1 - 7 days
Usergroup 2 - 5 days
Usergroup 3 - 3 days
Usergroup 4 - 1 day

Is this now possible?

Joe Link

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I'm unable to sign up for an account on your site and make the purchase. I try to register in the checkout, enter the username/email/password I want, click the sign up button, and nothing happens.