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Visitors Vanished!


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I have several xenforo sites running on my vps and all have suddenly the same problem: The visitors are not logged anymore. I've tried accessing these site from different computers & IP's and one remote server I have however they are not encountered. All the content is in place, you can reach the pages and everything but you are not getting logged!

I'm running the server with PHP 5.3.10, Suhosin, mod security.


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Let me not that this error happens across the server. I don't know whats is causing it and no clue where to look. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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Is everyone showing up from the same IP ?
No, users are able to acess the sites as usual with their own IP. Registered members are visible as well. The problem is this happens on all sites on the server for all softwares like joomla, wordpress and other php sites. Visitors are normally logged and can be seen by the admin.


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Did the host change something ?
It's self managed. I recompiled apache with easyapache. Though, I'm not sure if it's releated to that. I'm talking with a staff member from cPanel and he doesn't seem to know what would cause such thing.

I am able to browse the forums and stuff, and 'tcpdump -vvv tcp port 80' it showing webtraffic; I do not see anything wrong. There are no firewall rules present or anything of that nature to block access so I am unsure of why the visitors aren't showing.

cd /usr/local/apache/domlogs
ls -lt | head

That will show you the access logs that are being updated. I am not seeing anything to cause any loss of traffic at all.


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EasyApache 3.8.6 is now available; in this build PHP 5.3.10 replaces 5.3.9. The change log is available
I red that thread as a matter of fact :D
I'm letting the cPanel guy figure this stuff out if he can't I'll try Jake's code:

Thanks you Digital Doctor, I appreciate your help (y)