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Add-on Virtual Credits(Pay to open thread/replay)


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Any plugin who support this option, for example user must pay 100 credits before open new thread/replay.
Similiar like option for RM to download items.


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i see couple plugins but realy cannot understand why even make it?Why earning credits if user cannot spend it all over it.

Virtual credits plugin must be integrated in all forum functions, pay per view, pay to post/open thread/replay, pay to view

pay to change avatar, signature, pay to download resource, pay to view media in media gallery, buy credits over paypal.


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I am not 100% positive but i think you are able to do this. You will have to ask him

I think AD Credits also. Because it says in the description:

Choose amount (whether it takes or gives) for any number of currencies, assign to certain usergroups, and revert actions automatically.
  1. Create New Thread: Triggers when a user creates a new thread
  2. Create New Post: Triggers when a user creates a new post
So if you put the settings that it takes ( -100 credits) When creating a new thread. Then it will take 100 credits from you.

So if he only had 50 credits, He does not have enough credits, what happens? he cannot make thread. right? so he will have to buy more credits.

You should ask both of ******* and autentio design.

I will have to test this later on my board. I like that idea. Espically when you can make a forum called "Advertising" and charge them to make threads

I use the stickys instead. Need 50 credits to make a sticky


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for me virtual curency its pointles if not integrated in all forum options, why earn credits if you cannot spend it all over it?


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You don't have to "Give" credits

You can do the opposite

You can "Take" credits for every action. So if they don't have enough credits. They have to buy credits using paypal

Here is screenshot

Create New Thread. Will take away 20 credits. ( -20)