Virgin Media


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Crikey. I'm paying £40 per month for Virgin's 50MB at the moment and, while it's been pretty responsive for the most part, I certainly wouldn't say no to a free upgrade to 150MB! Even if it were only temporary... ;)


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There supposed to be upping the download and upload speed anytime soon, so i'm just wondering if that's what they are doing at the moment. And installing more fibre optics.


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I am lucky to get more than 3mb anytime, phone line to the BT exchange is crap and there's no Virgin cable in the village. :(
Folks live in a village called Cliviger and use BT. Lucky if they get 1mb. BT can't fix as they live out in the sticks. They have been out loads to "fix things" but nothing good comes of it. They can't move to anyone else thought like you, no other services.