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This is mostly a suggestion for, but it probably would be a benefit to any other sites using XFRM. When I go to look for all resources by an author, you get a list, sometimes several pages of resources created by that author. There is no way to filter or search that list to try and find resources of a certain type - for example, only XF2 resources. It would be VERY helpful to be able to do this here on this site.

Here's an example:

Would love to be able to filter that paginated list. I know I can go to the Advanced Search page and enter criteria to achieve this, but a filter option up at the top of this list would be really efficient. Ability to sort by last update, rating, and downloads would be nice too.

Just a thought.
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Yep, it will. Doesn't mean it wouldn't be a nice feature on that page, but I suppose there are probably better things to focus development efforts on.
My post was just to make you aware of how to achieve what you wanted, rather than passing judgement on the suggestion.

It's up to the dev's whether they want to implement anything with regards to that.
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