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Probably something simple I am missing, but how do I view the members of usergroups?

I would like to see how many users belong to each usergroup and be able to view them. Can't seem to find this in XF admin panel.

Thanks for the help.


Unfortunately, you have to search for members in that group and then note the total.
This cannot be right...

There is no way apart from searching then reading the count to know how many users are in a user group?

I think there is another way but I cant find it... anyone...

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S Thomas

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If there are more than 20:
Showing 20 of xxx,xxx items
Isn't that for you the same? The question above is from the time where XF2 was in early alpha / beta stages.


I found this mate (thank you) previously, I am just a bit shocked such an amazing software does not have it outright without searching.

Just thought there would be something where you could look at them all in one place, like the user group page possibly with the numbers in brackets next to each group.

I also don't think the functionality of finding that detail has changed since the alpha/beta, its been the same...