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XF 1.5 View Count - How is it working


I am bit curious how the View Count is working. The thing is, I created a "Moderators" only forum, where people who only have Moderating as Primary Group can view/interact with it, and the rest of the users have all Premissions Revoken (so it should be non visible in anyway for them). Now, we only have like 5 Moderating users, but i see that the View Count is for example 9, or 10 (for a specific thread in that forum). Seems to me a bit weird, I tested with different users and user groups and only Moderators can see it.

I am just worried that someone else can see it, someone who isn't a Moderator... Any specific reason why the View Count can be larger then the number of people who can acctually see it (have access to it)?