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XF 1.4 Version check


Formerly mugtree
So I just want to see what version of xenforo I am using and how that compares to the latest version. How do I do that please? Looked in licence area but nothing. Thanks


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Look in the top left corner of the ACP.


Other than the HYS forum and announcement thread, there isn't a list detailing changes between versions.


Active member
I'm fixing a broken (some files deleted accidentally) install and need to determine the version before repairing.

Where might I look for this?



Well-known member
If you can't open install in browser because of missing files, look in library/XenForo/Application.php on one of first lines:
    * Current printable and encoded versions. These are used for visual output
    * and installation/upgrading.
    * @var string
    * @var integer
   public static $version = '1.5.12';
   public static $versionId = 1051270; // abbccde = a.b.c d (alpha: 1, beta: 3, RC: 5, stable: 7, PL: 9) e