Vehicle Timeslip and Dyno Add-on for Showcase

Vehicle Timeslip and Dyno Add-on for Showcase 2.0.0

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Hi @0ptima

I like the addon, but have a suggestion.

Having the data entry as you have it, severely clutters the showcase create page. It would be better, if there was a separate way to enter the timeslips data then doing it from the create gallery screen.

Not all users have or want to use timeslips --- and shouldn't have to deal with it.

Just my .02
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Maybe just a "add your time slip data" link or button leading to a separate page with the data entry.

This button could be on the Timeslips page as well as on the create / edit garage page.


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Yes, ill take a crack at it late June.
Does this play nice with Showcase 2.6 official?

Any future enhancements? I can think of a few but wanted to see if you were actively working on this or planning to.

Would be great to make the tables sortable is one suggestion. :)
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