vBulletin smilies to XML conversion script

vBulletin smilies to XML conversion script 1.0.0

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Code Monkey

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It has to do with the character in this one. Simplest thing to do is to just import the one I uploaded without it and then try to enter this one manually through the default XenForo bbcode system.




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Great idea! I'm working on modifying the .xml file. Can you please tell me what the "vb_smilie_table_name" is? In my vB folder that holds all the smilies I only see the smilie files, and nothing referencing a table name. What am I missing?

Thanks for the help!



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....and a quick follow up.....

In my vB control panel the name of the "Smilie Catagory" is "Generic Smilies". But I suspect you can't have a space in a table name, so that wouldn't be the table, right?

Thanks again for your help!


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The table name is set in vbulletin and it's in your database. You need to look at your database not file folders. The table name is always the same in vBulletin except for the addition of the prefix you may or may not have chosen.


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Works great, however, I have 4 smilie folders:

images/smilies, images/smilies2, images/smilies3, images/smilies4

Is there a way to adjust the script to include all 4? Can this part be modified to search the 4 url's?

// change vb path to xf path
$config['url_search'] = 'images/smilies';
$config['url_replace'] = 'styles/BP-White/xenforo/smilies2';

Many thanks