vBulletin sinks to new lows - employees told to post positive reviews online

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Digital Doctor

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I guess when you can't earn a positive review ... you pay your employees to post fake positive reviews.

Mark.B (vBulletin Support) said:
My review was genuine and I was not staff when I posted it so it did not break any guidelines at the time and therefore doesn't now.

I'm not bothered if they take it off though. If they don't want genuine reviews from customers, that's their loss.

Wayne Luke (vBulletin Technical Support Lead) said:
Staff were asked to make posts there. I don't know if they reviewed the guidelines. I am surprised that there is a review in my name though.

Well technically Support Staff aren't employees. They are contractors.

Fake reviews were posted at: http://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.vbulletin.com

[Link to thread at vB] - I have screengrabs if you need them. [edit: thread has been shuttered by IB]

It's one thing to put out a subpar product.
It's another thing to put out a successor product - that is worse.
It's quite another thing to pretend said horrible product is stable ... when it's not.
It's epic when your horrible, unstable product is so bad, you have to pay employees to lie to cover up your repeated failures.


IB is so desperate ... it's just pathetic.

Note: In an effort not to get this thread locked, I have posted no information from vBulletin.com. I have relied entirely on information from trustedreviews.com.
This is why you review a product yourself!

Personally, I don't like vB5 at all.. seems too different.

Xenforo has been good, but without further progress it won't do much good either.

my vB3 still feels faster than a vB4 or vB5 lol.
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