Vbulletin 4 to Xenforo


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I am a Vbulletin man, and have used it for 20 years.
Now, i must switch because Vbulletin 5 does not have good developers for add-ons.
So i am searching what is the best software option for new forum software.
I found a lot of add-ons that are going to help me getting all my options from Vbulletin 4 to Xenforo.
But the thing i can't find is this:

I need a slider that can do this:

I know this is a custom mod, but is there any add-on from Xenforo were i can create a slider like this?
That can do this:

Slider on homepage has to show every first picture, from every topic in the selected nodes.
It pulls the pictures automatically from the newest topics into the slider.
When you click on the picture, you go directly to the topic.

In my search i found IPS has a add-on called "featured content". With this you can create your own slider.
It's a big thing for my forum, so i have to have something like this.

Can anybody tell me if there is such a thing for Xenforo?
I rather go with Xenforo then IPS, but before i get my licence i want to be sure it's possible!



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This seems like a close add-on, though someone else might know something better:
You can input the image, name, and a URL, so it 'seems' to me it could serve your purpose.


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I think you can use XenPorta
"Promote threads on your forums into a feature slider"


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Hi there,

I don't know if what happend.
I made a topic of this, and someone of the staff said to me a while ago this could be made for me.
Due to some illness in the family everything was set on hold for the time being.

He said, to contact hem via discord?
Was this here that someone offerd this from the staff?
Or am i wrong?

Hope to hear, i want to buy a licence, but i have to know before if it's possible to realise this.