vBulletin 3 to Xenforo?


Will importing my vbulletin 3 forum to Xenforo work? Also will all the profile fields also convert to xenforo? Please let me know. Thanks.


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XenForo comes with a vB3.7/8 importer as standard, accessible from the ACP via Tools -> Import External Data

Custom profile fields however are not currently supported.


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Since this is beta - it is higly recommended to keep your old vb3 database. In case anything goes wrong.

I've imported a database through creating a new database and dropping that vb3 database in there, then let xenforo import everything from there. Worked flawlessly.

steven s

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Thank you. Will the custom profile fields be supported in the future?
Not sure, but you may want to *like* this thread.
And there is also
Well, there's already a gender field and a free form location field, so that does a couple things that you want, though it may not be in the format you want.

There are plans for custom profile fields, yes, though I don't know the form they're going to take yet.