VBulletin 3 to Xenforo


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Hi! I 'm seriously considering a switch to Xenforo from Vbulletin 3 but I'm worried about how some things will or will not transfer:

- Thread tags and prefixes: We have ours set with filters on certain prefixes and we have a tooooon of thread tags. Will Xenforo pick those up or will we have to retag and re-prefix everything by hand?

- Global Sidebar. I'm attached to having a sidebar viewable on every page with key navigation and information. Is it even possible for Xenforo to do this? I think I've seen maybe one Xenforo site with a customized global sidebar? Our site's side bar currently holds navigation links and a tag cloud and everyone's just accustomed to using those from whatever page their on. Is there any combination of mods or widgets to do this? Or would it be a "hand code it and hope" kind of thing?


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Tags are not imported, you will need to use an add-on for that. I believe there may be an importer for the one add-on.

Global sidebar is only possible with an add-on.