vB Results, LLC. - Pay Per Bump [Paid] [Deleted]


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I have deleted two posts now commenting on the price of this add-on; it has been stated many times before this is not acceptable.

Any more and warnings will be handed out.

If you're not interested in the add-on then move along.
Sounds a very interesting addon to be fair, and one which could prove to help generate a lot of income in the future!

However due to the size of my board and what my forums offer I dont think this will be puchased for a while , if at all!

Good work on the code though, love seeing new addons all the time!


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This seems like a great add-on.

Quick questions:
  • In regards to the 'pay per bump' feature, once they become a "gold member" (or whatever you use as a name) is there a balance kept since they are 'paying per bump'? If so, does the member see that balance and know when they'll be running out of the ability to 'bump'?
  • If there are two 'buyers', which one gets priority in the order? Or, can you control the order by having a "gold member" (higher dollar amount) post listed above a "silver member" post?
  • Other than the thread being listed 'first' (as seen on the screenshot), is there any designation of this post being a 'special' post? Can we have the words "Sponsored Link" (or something that you can specify in the admin tool) added towards the right side of the post?


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I like the idea for the add-on, but a 'balance' system would work best for my purposes. Rather than having to have the member conduct transaction after transaction for the word to get out on their product/service that they'd like to offer.

I'm glad that I was able to contribute in some way ;)