VB Import Question - Avatars on filesystem when changing forum root location


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I'm currently running VB3.7 and doing a test import into XF.

I have avatars in VB stored in the filesystem at forums/customavatars with /forums being my forum root but XF will be in the root directory and not the /forums/ folder.

When the importer asks for the locations of the avatars:

"Attachments or avatars are being stored in the file system. Please confirm the path to these."

Will it recognise that /forums/ is my old forum root so I just need to input


or does it need to be




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Once the import is done, they will then be stored in /data/avatars in your XenForo directory.

You can then delete them from the old forum, but presumably you'll be removing the old install anyway?


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Yep that was the reason for my question, when tidying up and removing VB after the import, can that customavatars folder be deleted :)


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Also, make double sure that everything has been converted over and is working correctly before you delete the source the forum. Making a thorough back of it before removal as well wouldn''t harm either.

And welcome to xenforo btw :)