XF 1.5 vB 4.2.0 Import Script - Redirects to Index Only


Hi all, been having issues with trying to get redirects working on my XF test install.

I'll explain the current set-up:
Link format: /forum/showthread.php?80811-Proximity-sensors&p=1201064#post1201064

XF Site:
Link format: /forum/threads/proximity-sensors.80811/#post-1201064

I have tried using the URL redirection scripts and the .htaccess rules but every time it always takes me back to the index page. When I try and open a VB link it loads the index page with a URL of /forum/#post1201064

I've been right through all the pages of the VB redirect thread, and I can't get anything to work.

Am I missing something here?


Edit: I forgot to add my import log is full of data too.

Edit 2: I think I must have been cached, tried it in an incognito tab and it works :D
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