XF 1.5 Variable for Username


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What is the variable for the username? I've tried looking through some templates, but it's not exactly clear what I need as they all seem to use it differently.

I'm trying to test something with status updates as seen below and don't know what I need for the username:

Status Update.PNG


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Thanks, @Brogan!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the member_view template supports it:

<xen:if is="{$user.status}"><p class="userStatus" id="UserStatus">{xen:helper bodyText, $user.status}<br /><br />{xen:phrase khflare_status_update_by} $user.username • <xen:datetime time="$user.status_date" /></p></xen:if>


Eh. No biggie, I guess. I've got some other ideas up my sleeve. The thought just hit me a while ago that, by itself, it's not that clear that the date belongs to the status. I could move it back next to the status, but I didn't like it there too much, either, even if I added a separator or made the date the color of links. But that's on me. :)