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Just launched today.

I think it looks good, but I am worried about the background on larger screens but I think it looks good.

Not much happening at the moment but didnt want to have to many forum either.



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Background looks low quality on my larger screen. Few observations:

- I don't think you should hide content from guests right now, there isn't much to hide.
- Donations | VapingForum "South Bay Riders"
- I think "Vaping Talk" category should be first, it will be the main area for discussions.

Good theme choice.
Fellow vaper btw (y)


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I do not think I am hiding anything am I please let me know.

Also, I found one I missed.

Will change around.
There was a few sections I couldn't see threads in, no longer an issue.
I'm surprised you got this domain btw, really nice. I'd recommend working on the forums design/artwork, create a unique, more exciting look and really push this site with ads and sharing, you could have something big here.
If you are able, reviews will also help, perhaps using the XF Resource Manager. You can share those with great success.