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XF 2.0 Value type: Select menu


Well-known member
Hi all,

In Style Properties when I add a new property with a Value type: Select menu how to add options to this menu ?

also is anyone have an example for template value type ?



Previously Cylent1
Easiest way in my honest opinion is to add options in the Value formatting parameters field.
option1=Option 1
option2=Option 2
option3=Option 3

and so on....


Previously Cylent1
<xf:if is="property('GROUP_ID') == 'OPTION1'">
Option 1 code here...
<xf:elseif is="property('GROUP_ID') == 'OPTION2'" />
Option 2 Code Here...


Previously Cylent1
If you wanted to do this in options instead of style properties you would use this syntax:
<xf:if is="$xf.options.OPTION_ID == '1'">
Addon Option 1 Code Here...
<xf:elseif is="$xf.options.OPTION_ID == '2'" />
Addon Option 2 Code Here...