Using XF for coaching - automatic upgrade release

Core Freedom

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I'm wondering if anyone else is using their XF forum as a coaching community. I'm trying to accomplish something that may or may not be possible. Can you help?

If I have a coaching program that goes from month to month, I would like to have new members get access to the month in which they register in plus the previous month. Their automatic renewal next month will give them access to the new month (while keeping access to the previous months). And so on.

The challenge is that people sign up during different months of the year. How can I get them access to the particular month in which they sign up for?

Maybe there is a totally different way of using XF to maintain an incremental coaching site. Does anyone have any suggestions or know anyone who uses XF for coaching?

Anthony Parsons

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Whilst there are manual methods to achieve this... I think you would need a custom add-on to be written for your specific situation, as what you're asking is quite complex in nature and needs to link directly into the account upgrade system and more importantly, the date column to ascertain ongoing access requirements.

Core Freedom

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Yes, that's what I thought. I was hoping other coaches or people who deliver their work in stages may have found a work-around this issue. :) Thanks, Anthony.