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Using XenForo Code in other applications

Lukas W.

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Using XenForo Code in other Applications - Some often-asked basics

One of the most-asked questions in the XenForo Dev Section is: How do I access data from XenForo in other applications? Generally speaking, there is two ways you can go about this: If your application is in a different language than PHP, or resides on a different server, you can utilize the built-in API to access most data, and push and pull content from and to your XenForo installation. If you're on the same server, and your other...

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@Lukas W. thank you for you instruction!

I have some problems with getting current logged in user.

I logged in on my forum.
I created external script test.php in forum root with following content:

require(__DIR__ . '/src/XF.php');
But when I open this script in browser (test script have access to all XF cookies) and look at var_dump output, I can't see any current logged in user data. All fields are empty, like from guest visitor.

Please, help me to resolve this issue.