Using WinSCP to schedule backup transfers

Using WinSCP to schedule backup transfers


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Using WinSCP to schedule backup transfers - How to get your backups safely and securely transferred from your site to your Windows machine.

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Many site owners have their site backups stored on their site's server, but don't have an automated way to transfer their backup files to their Windows machine. It's good to have backups, but better to have them, or at least the most recent one, stored somewhere else than the server it came from.

This guide describes how to use WinSCP and Putty's...

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At this point, Pageant is waiting to use your private key to connections to your server, but it isn't configured to run at startup. To change that, create a shortcut to pageant in your startup folder and change the properties to include your private key when it starts up, such as this...
This step can be simplified by creating a shortcut to the private key file (.ppk). Pageant will be launched automatically to open the .ppk filetype.