XF 1.5 Using promotions to restrict people automatically.

Mr. Strange

I've been running a xenforo site for several years. As we've grown, we've had to increase our number of online moderators. Sad but necessary.

Our moderators have the ability to restrict members from posting. The way we present this is "You lose your posting priviledges for 2 days" - though the specifics don't matter much. The moderators flag someone, which adds them to a user group that prevents posting. All works fine.

The weakness is that in order to REMOVE that penalty, we have a human moderator remember the proper removal time, and manually un-penalize the person. I would love to automate this side of the process, somehow. I feel like I could maybe create a promotion rule, which would remove the penalty group? Or achieve my goal by some other means?

If someone has solved this problem, I'd love to hear about your approach.