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Using code in posts

Lone Wolf

Well-known member
My forum is about sports and so we dont post any code. However I do use the code option to post stats as this allows me to evenly space the stats out.

The only problem is that I get a heading banner which states code: above all my stats and it looks out of place. For example...


I would rather the code boxes looked like the pic below...


Does anyone know how to achieve this?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Rich code presentation is default functionality.

It works for me on my site and a default installation using the basic code tags and the code=rich tags.

I can only assume it's something to do with your custom style.

Try adding !important.


Well-known member
I didnt need the important, for some reason it didnt work at the bottom of the template, it only worked when I put it first
Happened to me before with another css edit, make sure you aren't missing a ending } after you mentioned rules for another style class