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Other Users without an avatar will get the first letter of their username


Formerly mugtree
Idea taken from @HenrikHansen post the other day!

So a lot of our users don't change the default ? avatar. So we get threads with a load of ? marks.

That's fine, but we also have an anonymous option for our users when posting which just makes the avatar plain grey. But then the ? possibly looks more like an anonymous symbol.

So I have been thinking of a way to stop that, and maybe this is it.

So I would like someone to make this happen on our forum please. The avatar should be the same design (ie 2 tone grey shade background) with the letter in white.

We of course have a few users with numbers at the start of their username. So a number should show then too.


Well-known member
Hello mugtree, have you seen this addon?
Avatar Identicon by Iversia

An Identicon is a visual representation of a hash value, usually of an IP address, that serves to identify a user of a computer system as a form of avatar while protecting the users' privacy. The original Identicon was a 9-block graphic, and the representation has been extended to other graphic forms by third parties. - Wikipedia
is a good way to deal with the people without avatar. :coffee: