Users reporting slow responses/double posting

Getting complaints about this on my site.

The symptoms described are: The user will post, but the page doesn't update or displays the "busy" animation in the top-right for more than 30 seconds. If the user presses "Post Reply" again, nothing happens. When they refresh the page, they've posted twice.

I've taken a quick straw-poll ( and the affected users seem to be running either Google Chrome or Safari.

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated :)


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I've experienced this problem myself on my forum, and on wetalk. I enter my post into the box, I click post reply, the loading animation displays, the button fades out, when the button fades back in and the reply isnt posted yet, I click it again, and it posts twice.

Slow internet connection problem?


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More than likely, you're getting too many jQuery connections to your pages, causing a high amount of memory usage. We had a problem like that on our site, it was due to the DBTech's Shoutbox (I had it display on every page, but since there is no idle time, leaving a page open could severely degrade server performance).


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Well, just looking at the your webpage externally, the only thing I can see that would cause it is the external sourcing of your jQuery (jquery.min.js), which is loaded up on Google.
Btw, I had a hard time signing up for it using FireFox 3.6.13. It took about 20 seconds to load, just to tell me that I didn't put the right dates in for the D.O.B :p

Try switching the jQuery file source to local for 24 hours and see if that doesn't affect the posting/page loading.
I had changed it to Google to see if users noticed a difference - they were complaining when it was set to local.

Changed it back to see if it makes things better...