XF 1.2 Users messages being moderated

I have my site in "beta" mode and have invited a few users to help me work out the kinks in the site.

I set up their accounts with their email address, password and user name. Have also set their accounts to "Member" status. They also have a secondary "Beta Tester" group set, but everything there is set to "Not Set (No)" so it inherits the settings from the "Member" group (the group is set up just so they have the "Beta Tester" banner and also will give them access to future testing).

However, when they post, their posts go in to the moderation queue for some reason.

The forum they post in is not set to be moderated and the "Member" user group settings are set to "Allow" for "Follow message moderation rules".

There's nothing I can see in the Spam options that would be causing this.

Any idea why the posts are being put into the queue?
I have that set for the "Member" group. Do I need to set it for the "Beta Tester" group as well?

If so, that means it has to be set for all secondary groups that inherit from the "Member" group.


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If the secondary group is set to inherit you can ignore that.

You only need to focus on the registered user group and node perms.

If you want me to take a look, PM me with an admin log in.


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For reference, the issue was due to Akismet.
Maximum Messages to Check for Spam was set to 5 and the Akistmet API Key had been entered, so it was trapping all posts from new members.

The solution is to either:
  • Set Maximum Messages to Check for Spam to 0, or
  • Remove the Akismet API Key
If you still want to moderate the first x posts, do it like this: http://xenforo.com/help/user-group-promotions/