User's IP Address appears as Admin IP Address


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This bug is quite disconcerting and serious.

We received a report about a suspicious account on our site, and when we clicked the "Shared IPs" link in that user's profile page, it showed our Admin account! Needless to say, that's not our account or IP Address.

We looked at the IP of this user that is appearing also as ours and it's in another country.

When we look at our account in the Admin panel, it displays this erroneous IP address under the "IP Addresses" tab of our account.

How in the world could such an egregious mix-up with something as specific as the IP Address happen and affect our Admin account?

Our installed Add-ons are:
  1. Alter Ego Detector 1.5.6
  2. Avatar Identicon by Iversia 1.2.2
  3. User Agent 2.1
  4. XenCentral Framework
  5. XenCentral Invite System 1.4.4

Please advise urgently as this bug is now making us question the IP addresses appearing for our users.

Thank you.
@XFuser what is the age of these posts?

Oh, I've just remembered (with the mention of duplicate reporting), one another thing that caused problems in the past was having BOTH of 'Create thread?' and 'Start report' ticked in AED options.

If you have got both ticked, please untick 'Start report' and save and let us know if that resolves it?

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Well yes, if they both end up going to the same forum (for threads and report) you will get duplicate threads. By design. :p
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