XF 1.4 Users in groups other than Registered don't have access


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We have several levels of users, set by groups.

What works well is that the groups have different permissions based on 'node' permissions. So an advanced group has access to more nodes than a 'registered' user - which is the bottom level.

However, we have to click the 'registered' as secondary user on all of the users for this to work. I have tried giving the other user groups permissions to read all forums etc, but they are still blocked unless i click secondary permissions 'registered' for a user.

What am I missing? Is there a setting for user groups that I have not set properly to give them forum access?


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Thanks for that.

That seems to pose a problem then. We are using a Xenforo plugin for Amember, and when a user group changes in Amember, it changes the primary group in Xenforo. And it allows only one Xenforo group to be chosen at a time.

Do I need to talk with the developer of that plugin to change this to work the typical way Xenforo works?


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That's a limitation of aMember.

We have requested them to contact us several times in order to discuss how they can implement their script but they have declined to do so.