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XF 1.2 # Users in Forum Statistics does not match users shown in import steps


Active member
Hi all - Merry Christmas!

I just completed a vB 3.8 import and noticed that the number of users shown in import steps (see attached) does not match what is shown in forum statistics after the import was completed.

Users imported 26k. (see attached)
Users shown in forum statistics 22.9k.

Import completed without errors.

Any guidance on why these numbers are so far off and how to fix would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!




Active member
Thanks Jeremy for the prompt reply. I don't think we have banned that many - but I do have an email verification requirement for new members.
Let me look...

Wow. This adds up:
1159 Banned members
2675 Users awaiting email confirmation


26814 imported members
22980 or 22.9k!

Thanks again Jeremy. Good to know.