XF 2.1 Users don't receive emails on ALL replies on a watched topic


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Some users have reported that they don't always receive email when a reply is posted on a topic they are watching.

The email is setup and working perfectly. No errors within the admin area, no errors in postfix logs.

Now I need to verify whether this is normal or not. If I watch a topic, am I supposed to receive an email on every reply done after my last one? How does it work?

Yes the users have the option: "Automatically watch content you interact with… and receive email notifications" enabled.

Thanks in advance


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No. You should receive a notification for the FIRST unread reply to a watched thread. You won't receive additional notifications until you log in and revisit that thread.

If it weren't done this way, on a busy thread you could have a lot of irate members with dozens of emails about the same thread - and that's just begging to have your email address blacklisted for spam.


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It'd be great if there was an option to enable email notification on all replies on staff member accounts.
I have a (paid) add-on which allows this functionality;