XF 1.5 Users confused by 'conversations' but could be resolved with one change


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I can't find a mod for this. Example of the scenario:

User A starts a private conversation with User B

User B wants to add User C to the conversation but has no idea how

User B should ask User A to add User C to conversation but they don't understand this is an option

Ideally: User B sees a link in the conversation to "Request Invite". When User B click this an overlay appears:

they can now request:

"Ask User A to add User C to this conversation"

User A gets an alert "User B wants to Add User C to the conversation, do you accept?"

User A clicks Accept.

User C in now part of the conversation.
So, if user A starts a private chat with User B, User B sees "Invite More" link on their chat? I thought only User A sees "Invite More" link. I will try some tests
Ok, in my test, User B sees no options to add anyone to private chat, no option to request user A (originator of chat) to add a user to the chat.
There is a permission related to it - Always invite participants to conversations.

Or conversation starters just need to check Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others.
This isn't the same. Sometimes conversation starter does not want to intitially invite 'everyone', it is only when in conversation, user B decides we need user C involved. Now User B has to manually ask user A to add user C to the private chat.
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