XF 1.5 Users banned after changing their password


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I have two users who emailed me that they have changed their password and now get the "You are banned" message. When I look at their accounts in the ACP, they are not banned. When I log in with their user/pass it shows indeed they are banned. Is this a bug or what's going on here?

PS: they do show on the Users > Banned Users list and it says they were banned in 2007 o_O
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What entries are in the user change log related to the banning?

Do you have any add-ons installed which could be involved?


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I just checked out a few things, they were banned in vB and were imported to XF. When I just tried to unban them in the old vB acp it says "invalid user specified". As said, they did not show up as banned on the XF edit profile page, but did on the Banned Users List. So my guess is there was a problem with the data in vB and it got imported to XF. Seems to be ok now that I lifted the bans from the list.