XF 1.2 usernames get put on 2 lines

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to actually running a XenForo board, I've messed around with them in the past, but, yeah.

I have an issue, where on posts, usernames are getting put onto two lines, which is bothersome, and I would like to try and fix, is this an issue with the style, or the templates? where can i fix it?

here is an image of what is going on, as you can see my name is getting put on 2 lines. I know some names are just so long, but is there any way to make that wider, or fix it? Thanks!



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you could lower the font-size to your preference by adding the following to extra.css template.

edit try adding some margin-top might make it span all the way if the online indicator is conflicting with it. But a link to your site to debug it further would be more helpful.

.messageUserBlock a.username {
font-size: 12px;